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Window Replacement Misconceptions

Have you been hesitating about Sanger, CA window replacement because of some of the things you’ve heard about it? You have to make sure you have the right information before you put off a project this important. You don’t want to waste money on high energy bills if you don’t have to. Here are some of the misconceptions you may have heard about window replacement—along with the real truth.

Sanger CA window replacement

Misconception 1: Replacement Windows Are Too Expensive

If you are looking for quality windows, you can find them, even in standard windows with no upgrades. The higher priced windows are sometimes priced higher because of aesthetics or material, not always for quality. You will want to look into ratings and pay close attention to labels, but you can definitely find quality windows that are within the right budget-friendly price range.

Misconception 2: Vinyl Windows Only Come In White

Vinyl windows came onto the market in the 1970s and, at the time, they were available in white and cream and that’s it. But since that time, the market has recognized them in a big way and they are now more popular than any other material. Because of their rise in popularity, window companies have started to make them in a variety of colors. You can even customize them to suit your home’s needs.

Misconception 3: Window Glass Is Window Glass

The window’s class is the second most important part of the window, after the material on the frame. You can get a number of different variations and it matters a great deal. If you have single pane glass now, you are doing your home a disservice. Today, windows come with at least double pane glass as a standard. You can also upgrade to triple pane glass for more efficiency. The panes can come with inert gas fillings between them instead of air for even more insulation. And you can get low-E coatings on the glass to reflect heat back outside and protect your home from UV rays. You can get any combination of these upgrades to get the glass that is perfect for your home. Glass isn’t just glass any longer.

Misconception 4: Blue Tinted Windows Are Highest In Quality

In the past, looking at vinyl windows for a blue tint meant that the quality was better on that window. Today, however, manufacturers have caught onto that element and some add their own blue tint to make customers think the quality is there. If you want to know the real quality of a window, ignore the tint and go straight to the ratings label.

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