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Window Maintenance For Energy Efficiency

Madera, CA replacement windows

Though California doesn’t have cold, snowy winters like other parts of the country, residents still don’t want to see their heating bills skyrocket when the weather gets chilly. They also don’t want to pay through the nose when they get warm in the summer. One way to accomplish that goal is through window maintenance or possibly even Madera, CA replacement windowsIf you have older windows, you will want to maintain them as well as you can to keep your home comfortable. Here are a few suggestions:  

Reseal Wood Windows 

Wood windows take the most maintenance, but they can work well for many years if they are looked after properly. If you have wood windows, you’ll need to strip them and repaint them every few years. While you are doing that, check the caulk and weather stripping around them as well. When you seal the wood, it will insulate your home better and it protects the lifespan of the windows as well.  

Caulking Around Windows 

Windows have caulking around them inside and out and that caulk is a finishing seal that can deteriorate. When the caulk gets too old, it becomes less effective. Start inspecting your caulk so you know what it looks like on a normal basis and will be able to tell what it looks like when it starts to fail. Caulk shouldn’t look broken or cracked and it should fill the edge of your windows all the way around. If you see signs that it needs to be replaced, strip it off and install new caulk. This can help you get further energy efficiency from your windows.  

Weather Stripping Around Windows 

Caul helps energy efficiency and weather stripping can also aid the progress. Weather stripping wears out over time as well depending on how often you use your windows. You can install new weather stripping with self-adhesive tape after you remove old strips. There’s also a nail in style, but both work for the same length of time. Older windows have weather stripping that needs to be regularly replaced so the windows can maintain their efficiency.  

Get Replacement Windows 

Sometimes, no amount of caulk or weather stripping can put your windows back into their former glory. In those cases, replacement windows are the best answer. You’ll want replacement windows if you want energy efficiency for your home. They’ll come with brand new everything that can raise your indoor comfort quite a bit while cutting back on utility bills at the same time. They are an investment, but they’ll pay you back in savings and in home value over time.  

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