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Click to see informative videos that can help you learn more about Milgard products and how you can complete a variety of projects by yourself!

Informative videos include:

  • Adjusting Sliding Windows for Smooth Operation
  • Balancer Replacement
  • How to Measure Daylight Opening
  • Maintaining your Sliding Window
  • Proper Single Hung Sash Removal
  • Window Screen Removal
  • Adjusting Sliding Glass Door Lock & Handle
  • Proper Removal & Replacement of Sliding Glass Door Screen
  • Replacing the Lock Snib
  • Sliding Glass Door Roller Adjustment
  • Locating Your Sales Order Number

reimagine1Milgard Essence Series Windows & Doors

tuscanyMilgard Tuscany Series Windows & Doors

ultrawoodcladMilgard Ultra Series Fiberglass Windows and Patio Doors

stylelineMilgard Style Line Series Windows & Doors

whattoexpectWhat to Expect When Replacing Windows

adjustingglassAdjusting Sliding Glass Door Lock & Handle

slidingglassadjustSliding Glass Door Roller Adjustment

replacelockReplacing the Lock Snib

screenremoveWindow Screen Removal

properremoveslidingReplacing Sliding Glass Door Screen

measuredaylightHow to Measure Daylight Opening

balancerreplaceBalancer Replacement

propersinglehungSingle Hung Sash Removal

locatesalesordernumberLocating Sales Order Number

testimonialMilgard Homeowner Testimonial

smarttouchMilgard SmartTouch Window Lock

adjustingwindow2Adjusting Sliding Window Rollers

maintainslidingwindow1Maintaining your Sliding Window

fullframeFull Frame Window Replacement

blockframeBlock Frame Window Replacement