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Clovis Glass is Your One Stop Destination for High Quality Vinyl Replacement Windows and Patio Doors for Your Prather Home

From sparkling lakes and rivers to gorgeous mountain vistas, living in Prather, in the San Joaquin Valley, offers an abundance natural beauty for its residents. The joy of owning a home in Prather, brings with it ongoing maintenance and home improvement projects. So, one of the best investments in your home is one that will add beauty and style without added maintenance. Few projects accomplish this like installing vinyl replacement doors and patio windows. At Clovis Glass in Clovis, we can assist you with every step of this home improvement process.   From buying decisions to installation, our experienced staff can acquaint you with our vast selection of brands, educate you on the best product to fit your needs, and provide expert installation.   Here are just a few reasons why Clovis Glass and their high quality brands are right for you.

Highest quality brands

At Clovis Glass, we sell only the highest quality brands of vinyl replacement windows and patio doors on the market today. We are authorized dealers of Milgard Windows and Doors. Milgard Windows and Doors is one of the nation’s largest most trusted brands. Milgard offers a Full Lifetime Warranty (which includes parts and labor) on all of their products, showing the confidence they have in the quality and integrity of their product lines. Milgard products are truly made to last. Milgard vinyl replacement windows and patio doors are contemporary in design, unsurpassed in durability, and smooth in function and operation.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

At Milgard Windows and Doors, they understand importance of responsible building and manufacturing. By following exacting guidelines, they are committed to reducing their environmental footprint. They accomplish this by using prudent pre-consumer and post-consumer best practices such as reusing and recycling vinyl and minimizing waste.

The contemporary design of Milgard vinyl replacement windows with their “more glass, less frame” design, allows windows to bring more natural lighting into your home. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light helps your total well-being.   Everything from physical health to mood is positively affected contributing to a healthier you.

Research indicates that 40% of your home’s temperature control is lost due to air leakage and inefficient windows and doors. Milgard’s vinyl replacement windows and patio doors come with a variety of glass treatments to increase efficiency in your heating and cooling systems. For example, Milgard offers Low-E film coating which increases the ability for the glass to absorb or reflect radiant energy thus, providing energy efficient cooling and heating all year round. Milgard also offers a variety of tint coating options that help control temperature as well as improve privacy and security.


Installing premium vinyl replacement windows and patio doors will add to the market value of your home. Your return on investment with any home improvement positive is a wise consideration. Many homeowners underestimate the additional value new replacement windows and patio doors will bring to their home. Handsome and economical, vinyl replacement windows and doors will enhance your home’s curb appeal as well as improving its overall function.

Selling price is not the only value that will be improved by installing premium vinyl replacement windows and doors. The total lifestyle of your home will be improved as well. The clean lines of high quality vinyl replacement windows and patio doors add distinctive style and comfort to your everyday living. Installing the superior brands of vinyl replacement windows and doors found at Clovis Glass will ensure smooth, efficient, streamlined performance in your daily life.


Because of their Full Lifetime Warranty, Milgard requires the highest possible standards for their materials and manufacturing. Each material used in building Milgard products is strictly tested and inspected to guarantee only the best resources are used. Ailso, each step of the manufacturing process is quality controlled to ensure a superior product. As a result, Milgard Windows and Doors are built to last. They are non-corroding and virtually maintenance free. Their strict quality standards prove Milgard’s commitment to excellence.


Milgard Windows and Doors grant more flexibility in your design choices by offering a large selection of styles. Milgard has a vinyl replacement window and patio doors to satisfy every architectural style and your own personal design vision. Milgard’s vinyl replacement windows and patio doors even offer a wide variety of color options with seven premium exterior vinyl finishes. From the more traditional white and beige to our new ‘light gray’ or ‘espresso’ there something to satisfy every personal preference. The new color coating technology allows ultraviolet rays to actually pass through the paint and reflect off the frame preserving color integrity for many years.

Why choose Clovis Glass as your home improvement experts?

The experts at Clovis Glass have been providing home and business owners “high quality craftsmanship at everyday low prices” for over 50 years. Our sales professionals and installers are unsurpassed in industry knowledge, product expertise and courteous service. Give us a call today at (559)299-2819 or visit our website to arrange your free in-home estimate. Or, visit our showroom in our vast 40,000 square foot facility at 99 Sunnyside in Clovis. Browsing our showroom gives you the opportunity to actually experience our products, to see and feel their quality for yourself. We are open 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday. Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff show you our amazing variety of windows, doors, hardware and millwork. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We can help you find the optimum replacement windows and doors to transform the style, elegance and function of your Prather home. We know Clovis Glass is the right home improvement destination for you!

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