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Popular Window Colors That Work On Many Homes

 Reedley, CA windows

If new Reedley, CA windows have been on your mind, you may be thinking about the options that come along with them. Perhaps you’ve chosen to go with vinyl and you know you want double pane glass with inert gas fillings and low-E coatings. But what color do you want? The color can be a sticking point for a lot of homeowners. Vinyl color can’t be changed so when you choose the color and have the windows installed, you want to get it right. Here are a few different home colors along with window colors that can work well against it.  

White Homes 

White houses have the luxury of a completely neutral, canvas-like background. You can use virtually any color on a white house, depending on if there are any other colors included elsewhere. You can use white on a white home and have the windows blend in seamlessly. But many homeowners like to have a little contrast. Black is a highly popular color right now on light-colored homes and can offer a great contrast for modern homes. You could also go with something bright to add that contrast, or another neutral color for a slight contrast.  

Brown Homes 

Brown houses don’t always look great with black windows so taking on that popular trend might not be the best option. White is always a good option because it goes with any other color. It’s highly popular and has a classic appeal that just doesn’t go out of style. If you have a lighter color or brown on your house, you might consider a darker brown color to get the same contrast you get from white and black together.  

Gray Homes 

Gray homes have a variety of options as well and can look good with white, black, and other neutral grays between those two. You’ll want to steer clear of brown tones, but otherwise, you can choose from the range of options like you could with white.  

Yellow Homes 

Yellow houses are unique, but they are still popular and the window color can make them really stand out on the block. White looks great with yellow, just like any other house. You can also go with black as a fabulous contrast. Other colors are hard as you don’t want them to clash with the vibrant yellow tone of the house.  

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