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Emergency Repairs

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Emergency Repairs

Need emergency window or door repair? No problem. Count on Clovis glass to provide expert emergency repairs and services fast and easy.

Our immediate assistance is available for all customers and we’re just a phone call away!

  • Fast response time
  • Immediate window board-up services
  • Repairs and replacements made as soon as possible
  • Homes and businesses covered

Clovis Glass is proud to offer fast and responsive emergency services starting with emergency board-up service for windows and doors, securing the opening(s) that need it. We then follow up as soon as possible to assess, order replacement(s), and make the repair in a timely manner – generally within a single business day and sometimes the same day if the replacement part(s) are in stock.

Our on-call technicians are outfitted with the proper tools and materials to address emergencies quickly and to provide proper customer service for our clients needing help.

Clovis Glass is at your service. What’s your emergency? How can we help?