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What Kind of Interior Doors in Fresno, CA Do You Need?

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As you are choosing the design style for your home, there are many details and finishes that need to be considered to make sure that everything will pull together in the way that you imagined. It is a lot of fun to choose the style and décor for your dream home, and this process can be the perfect way to create a home that you will love. If you are remodeling your home and looking for help with interior doors in Fresno, CA, then we invite you to call us at Clovis Glass for more information about the many options that are available.

Customer Service is Our Highest Priority

We understand that quality matters, which is why we work hard to provide you with the highest quality interior doors at a price that you can afford. Our team will work hard to answer your questions and help every step of the way, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new doors after they are installed.

Whether you need interior doors for a new home or you are searching for ideas to replace the older doors in your home, we can help! When you contact our experienced team, we will talk with you about your goals for the project and help you find the products and services that best match your needs.

Many homeowners are focused on their budget, so they tend to make their decisions based on the cheapest prices that they can find. It is good to look for ways to save money, but you need to ensure that you aren’t sacrificing quality by cutting corners on the interior doors that you choose. At Clovis Glass we will help you get the best product possible that fits within the budget that you have for the project. We will talk with you about the many different features and choices that are available, to help you make the decision about the best doors for your home.

Types of Interior Doors for Your Home

Even though it might sound like a simple task to choose interior doors for your home, the truth is that there are a number of different products that you can choose from. These are some of the most common types of doors that we install for our customers:

  • Panel Doors: One of the most common types of interior doors for residential buildings is a panel door. This style design includes rectangular or square patterns that are arranged on the door. You can choose large patterns or smaller sections, depending on your design preferences. Some of these panels might even include things such as decorative finishes or rounded tops for stylistic purposes.
  • Flush Doors: Do you want a classic, clean door for your home? A flush interior door is flat and simple, and it is an affordable way to install an interior door in your property. The most common reason that people choose this style is because of the cheap price tag.
  • Sliding Doors: If you are tight on space, then a sliding door is a great option to consider. This type of door is more commonly used for exterior doors, but sometimes people like to have the sliding feature inside their home. The benefit of sliding doors is to keep the floor space open, because the doors slide along a track that they are mounted to.
  • French Doors: If you are looking for a way to add an extra touch of style, then you might consider French doors. This style adds a dramatic entrance to any room, and they are a great way to make the property a little classier. With French doors, there are two doors that swing towards each other, and they often have decorative panels or even glass panels on the doors.
  • Bifold Doors: This door style is most often used on closets, because it is a great way to cover the space if you don’t have a lot of room available for the doors to swing open. These doors are mounted on a track and they are hinged in the middle to fold into each other.

These are just a few of the most common types of interior doors that are offered here at Clovis Glass. We also have a number of other design features available, helping you to find the perfect doors for your home. We invite you to bring us pictures of the types of doors that you are looking for, or you are welcome to visit our showroom and browse through some of the most popular products that we carry.

The Clovis Glassshowroomis at 99 Sunnyside Ave in Clovis, CA, or you can also call us at (559) 299-2819. We also offer an online contact form for you to request a free quote for your home or office space.



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