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Getting Window Treatments After Window Replacement

When your house needs an upgrade and you’d really like to reduce your energy bills, Sanger, CA window replacement is a great option to consider. Once those new windows go in, they’ll look sharp, reduce your energy costs, and bring a lot of other benefits to the home. However, new windows often call for new window treatments. It doesn’t make sense to put in new windows and then re-install tired window treatments. Use these tips to get window treatments that compliment your new windows.  

Sanger, CA window replacement

Tip 1: Frame The Windows 

You may have wanted to cover and hide your old windows, but now that you have new, beautiful additions to your home, you want to frame those windows and showcase them in any way you can. Get window treatments that will let your windows shine. Some people like curtains, which can be pushed to the side so the windows can show completely. Others like shades or blinds, that can also be pulled up so the windows show nicely. Keep the window style in mind and show as much as you can.  

Tip 2: Light Filtration 

Even if you get low-E coatings on your new windows, you’re going to have light streaming through them. That can often be a good thing, especially with this coating since you don’t get the heat of the sun along with the light. However, it can also cause glare on TV screens, computer screens, or just too much brightness in the eyes. Think about how you want to filter your light as you look into window treatments for your new replacement windows. If you only need to block light out or let it in, options like shades and curtains work well. If you want to direct light certain ways, shutters or blinds with slats work better.  

Tip 3: Increase Efficiency Further 

Replacement windows are going to make a huge difference in the overall energy efficiency of your home. When you get new window treatments to go along with those windows, you can increase your home’s efficiency even more. Window shutters, shades, and curtains are among the most energy efficient options. They act as yet another protective layer of insulation for your home. Even if the windows don’t show all the time inside, you can show them off from the curb when window treatments are closed.  

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