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Energy Efficient Window Replacement Upgrades

When you bought your house, perhaps you had the most energy efficient windows on the market. But how long ago was that? If you’ve had your windows for a decade or longer, you have to understand how far technology has come in that time. When you get window replacement in Selma, CA today, there are a lot of options that weren’t always available in the past. When you get ready for new windows for your home, there are plenty of energy efficient upgrades you could consider. Here are a few you might want to place on your list:  

window replacement in Selma, CA

Triple Pane Glass 

In the distant past, some windows were made with single pane glass. If that’s what you have on your home, you are allowing air to pass between that one pane to and from your house with ease. Today, double pane glass is standard and does a much better job insulating a home. However, double pane isn’t as good as it gets. You can also get triple pane glass. And while the glass itself helps to insulate your home, there are also spaces between the panes of glass and the air there can protect your home even more.  

Inert Gas Fillings 

With single pane glass, there’s no space and no extra insulation. With double or triple pane glass, air is standardly placed between the panes to further insulate. However, you can also choose to upgrade that air to an inert gas filling like argon or krypton gas. Both of these gases are invisible, odorless, and harmless so there are no concerns there. They cost more than air fillings, but they insulate your house better so they save you more on your energy bills. Argon is the least expensive since it is readily available in the environment. Krypton has to be manufactured so it costs more, but it also insulates the home all that much more.  

Low-E Coatings 

If you’re going to get any single energy efficient update, low-E coatings are a good choice. These coatings are metallic, but also invisible so you don’t have to worry about them blocking your view. They do, though, block the heat of the sun and UV rays so nothing in your home will fade any longer. They allow your heat to remain in during the winter and they keep heat out in the summer. They’re a good fit for any season of the year and they’ll give you further efficiency along the way.  

These Selma, CA window replacement energy efficient upgrades are available for homeowners who want to get new windows today. The market has plenty of other options to get you the most for your investment. You’ll save more on your energy bills, update the value of your home, and benefit in a number of other ways. If you’re ready to move forward or want to look into options, contact Clovis Glass at (559) 299-2819 with your questions or see examples in person at 99 Sunnyside Ave Clovis, CA 93611 where we can show you around.