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Basic Window Replacement And Upgrades

window replacement in Selma, CA

If you need window replacement in Selma, CAyou might know what you want. Of course, you want nothing but the best for your house, right? But what you want and what you can afford are often two different things. However, even basic window replacement options can take your home up into a whole new level of energy efficiency. Here are a few factors to consider.  

Increasing To Double Pane Glass Is Major 

If your home is old enough, you likely have single pane glass in the windows. Windows today just don’t come that way. Double pane glass is standard, and you can even upgrade to triple pane glass. Even if you don’t have the money for a pane upgrade, getting double pane glass instead of single pane is a huge upgrade. You’ll see further energy efficiency right away and you don’t have to worry about any upgrades at all to get that.  

Material Changes Are Huge 

If you have wood windows, maintaining them is quite a pain. Not only do you have to put money into the materials (and possibly the labor if you don’t do it yourself), but you also have to worry about lack of maintenance from previous homeowners. If the windows aren’t kept up well, they start to fail. When you get new windows, you’ll likely go for vinyl because they are the least expensive. That doesn’t make them the lowest in quality, though. In fact, they’re among the best. Even going with the cheapest priced material will have your home seeing further energy efficiency and much less maintenance.  

Basic Colors Look Fresh 

Windows, especially vinyl windows, often come in white as a standard. That’s still the most popular color, even though there are plenty of other options today. While you might prefer something else, changing the color can mean an extra cost. And really, what doesn’t look good with white? Stick with the basic color so you can afford the windows and the energy efficiency they bring to your home. You’ll still get a fresh, new look on your house and an increased curb appeal. That’ll even raise the value of your home so if you ever sell, you’ll be able to place a higher price on the house.  

Not everyone can afford to get the absolute best of the best in Selma, CA window replacement options. But even getting the standard replacements on the market will be way better for your home than what you have now. Window technology is so much better now than it was a decade or two ago that no matter what you get, even the standard models, will be head and shoulders above what you have on your home now. Contact Clovis Glass at (559) 299-2819 and we’ll compare the details with you and show you how much energy you stand to save in getting even the standard models. You can also come in and see the standards as well as the various possible upgrades in our showroom at 99 Sunnyside Ave, Clovis, CA 93611.