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Answers To Important Replacement Window Questions

When you get replacement windows in Sanger, CA, there are plenty of questions to go around. However, when you work with window professionals, you can get the answers you need as well. As you start the process, here are a few important answers to questions you might have:

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How Long Does Installation Take?

Many homeowners jump right to the end of the process and ask about installation first. It’s an important part of the process so it only makes sense, when you think about it. Installation takes about half an hour per window. You can usually get a whole house done in 1-2 days. Talk to your installers about the specifics, but installation doesn’t usually take up too much of your time.

Which Windows Are The Best?

This is a much harder question to answer as the answer can be different for various homeowners. The windows that work best for you might not be the best answer for your neighbor down the street. In order to find the best windows, your window company will want to get to know you, your home’s situation, your goals, and other aspects. All that can come together to help you find the right options. Your representatives can tell you which windows have the highest ratings and which manufacturer’s have the best reputation, at first, to help point you in the right direction if you’d like.

What Options Are The Most Efficient?

If efficiency is your highest goal, there are plenty of options that can contribute to that end result. You could consider triple pane glass instead of double pane, for example. You could get inert gas fillings between the panes instead of air as well. You can also get low-E coatings on the glass to help you get your efficiency settled in where you want it to be. Some of that will also depend on things about your house, like which direction your home faces, if there is any shade, or other such factors. Talk to the window technicians about the details and then choose the options that fit your needs as well as your budget.

When you’re ready to move forward with replacement windows in Sanger, CA, don’t worry if you have more questions. We’re here to help in any way we can. We’ll answer your questions until you have all of the information you need to make the right decisions for your home. You’re the homeowner and you get to decide what’s best for your home. We’re here to point you in the right directions with our expert advice and experience. Give Clovis Glass a call at (559) 299-2819 for a free consultation or to ask other important questions. You can also stop by to find out more details about our options or to see windows in person. We’re located at 99 Sunnyside Ave, Clovis, CA 93611 and we can show you around or let you browse on your own. No question is a bad question and we’re here to give you the right answers.