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LeeDee 266x300The fall of 1963 was the beginning of a future no one foresaw….
Coming from similar humble upbringings, Lee and Dee Hoover met and were married shortly after. It was with stubborn ambition that they began to plan and ultimately create a better family and future for themselves. Within eight years, they would bring three beautiful daughters into the world: Sandra, Theresa, and Kimberly, who would all go on to be affiliated with successful business as well, no doubt from their parents’ influence.

After serving in the Army, Lee pursued odd jobs to provide for himself and his wife. In a fortuitous random chance, Lee was offered the position of a glazer (which he later realized had no relation to donuts, but glass instead). Meanwhile, his wife had just taken her nursing test and received certification. Their family was now coming together perfectly and they were beginning to establish a future for themselves!

In 1976, Lee and Dee moved to Clovis in hopes of providing an even better life as well as higher education for their children. After moving to the area, Lee spent many years working for several different glass companies, which often required him to be away from his family. During this time, Dee continued working as a nurse.

Fast forward to 1991. Lee and Dee were faced with a challenging situation. With their daughters grown and Dee having faced breast cancer while Lee was facing the outcome of downsizing in his company, they decided to take a leap of faith. By now, Lee had many years of experience in the glass industry, and the couple was constantly looking at ways to continue to provide for the family. So, when they saw a local glass shop for sale, they jumped at the opportunity to own it.

Since purchasing the business, Clovis Glass has grown exponentially under the management of Lee and Dee, so much so that it outgrew its original building years ago and ultimately relocated to a much bigger facility – that now includes a warehouse and showroom – on 99 Sunnyside Ave in Clovis.

Nearly 30 years after purchasing Clovis Glass, it is with great joy that Lee and Dee are finally announcing their retirement! Their eldest daughter, Sandra, decided to buy the business, keeping Clovis Glass in the family. Lee and Dee and the rest of the family look forward to creating more memories as they enter a new future!



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