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2018 Replacement Window Trends

Fresno, CA replacement windows

When you think about trends, Fresno, CA replacement windows probably aren’t at the top of your mind. But if you are thinking about getting new windows, it’s good to know the trends so you aren’t left behind. With the changing technology, lifestyle, and preferences, windows have trends just like anything else. Here are some of the 2018 trends you’ll want to know about if you are interested in new windows this year.  

Functional Trends 

Windows need to be functional and in 2018, there’s nothing like having things that have dual functions. One of the popular trends in the window world is a pass-through window. These windows are used to pass items from the kitchen out to the patio, like plates, drinks and so forth. But they are also just windows that can let in ventilation, natural light, and perform normal functions. Any time you have a window that can also be something else, you are on trend in the function world.  

Line Trends 

Clean lines are still popular this year, so you should lean toward square and rectangular windows with minimal grids. Casement windows are a great way to keep the lines clean and minimal while letting lots of light into the home and ventilating well when they are open. Every window now has a smaller frame and more glass space than it did in the past, so you can get cleaner lines with any replacement window.  

Color Trends 

While wood windows are the most flexible in color and wood always looks beautiful left natural, there are new trends in the color world. White is still popular and sought after and isn’t a color that will ever go off trend. However, the hottest color for 2018 is actually black. That sounds extreme, but the contrast between dark and light can make a striking difference on a home. The trend started in farmhouse style homes but works well on other styles, too. If your home can’t handle black, consider another dark hue like dark tan or grey. You can still get the contrast, even if black itself doesn’t work for your coloring. The trend is huge right now and isn’t likely something that will look off in upcoming years, even if the trend changes.  

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